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  • User rating: 2 11.11%
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User review rating: 1 June 26, 2018

Another great film's legacy run into the ground by Hollywood hacks and profiteers strip mining intellectual property purely for profit. Another terrible and completely unscary hackwork. Another time that suckered moviegoers are left bitter by the film industry's contempt for the audience.

User review rating: 0 March 20, 2018

Be interesting to see where the story goes from here...

User review rating: 4 March 20, 2018

Good re-start up one!

User review rating: 3 January 06, 2018

Holy hillbilly Batman! This could line up with the Halloween remake. Nicely shines a light upon the fact that everyone has a history. Has a nice twist that caught me off guard. A deeper movie than the rest so it was more immersive.

User review rating: 1 December 31, 2017

Of course it sucked.

User review rating: 1 December 26, 2017


User review rating: 5 December 06, 2017

Welcome to the gore lovers! This movie is all about gore (mild, though). Enjoyed.

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