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Hearts In Atlantis User review rating: 5 Monday, July 15, 12:24:26 AM

Great movie, the chemistry is amazing!

Boyhood User review rating: 4 Monday, July 15, 12:13:06 AM

It’s a good movie, though some opportunities apparently have been missed. The pacing is a bit inconsistent, rushed at the beginning. You‘d have liked to stick a bit longer with Mason lying in the grass in the iconic opening shot, or see more closely what he was digging up in the backyard. Then there are some lengths, and the observer is kept in the distance somehow, not being able to really connect to the characters as you would like to. It’s getting better towards the end, and maybe the continuous flow of life was the point of the whole movie, recognizing that "it’s always now" as time moves on and cannot be bargained with. Certainly an interesting movie that leaves you thinking. Good score with memorable music.

Longlegs User review rating: 1 Sunday, July 14, 09:08:03 PM

Nicholas C. Made big money for his few minutes of acting in this movie. It was very slow and predictable definitely not worth the money at theater!

Kingdom of the Planet of the Apes User review rating: 3 Sunday, July 14, 07:09:15 PM

Filming very creative different ending leaves you guessing?

Despicable Me 4 User review rating: 5 Sunday, July 14, 04:37:38 PM

Hilarious movie. Just a bunch of silly fun stuff that was an amusing way to spend a couple of hours. Never was intended to offer anything of substance. If you are looking for a masterpiece, don't bother thinking of going to see this.

Princess Mononoke - Studio Ghibli Fest 2024 User review rating: 5 Sunday, July 14, 03:50:31 PM

Like a lot of movies coming out of this studio, the plot, characters, twists, themes are great for ages 5-75. Little scary at times, tense a lot, thoughtful always. Beautiful and magical. Full of courage.

Longlegs User review rating: 5 Sunday, July 14, 08:15:26 AM

Not for Annabelle and The Nun fans. This isn't a movie for teens.

Longlegs User review rating: 5 Sunday, July 14, 08:11:37 AM

Man, this is one creepy movie. I don't understand the one star reviews. 5 stars from me.

Robot Dreams User review rating: 5 Saturday, July 13, 09:13:36 PM

Beautiful movie!

Horizon: An American Saga - Chapter 1 User review rating: 5 Saturday, July 13, 07:50:48 PM

An adventure that I was swept up in. I was able to escape from serious concerns that constantly consume my mind, every day. It was beautifully filmed and beautifully acted. I appreciated the history, the different story lines, the rawness, grief, pain and joy of the human experience. I loved the attention to detail and the allowance of the longer film length.

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