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Unplanned User review rating: 5 Wednesday, March 20, 12:34:33 PM

Very powerful movie. Everyone should see this - and then make an educated decision about pro choice or pro life.

Free Solo User review rating: 5 Wednesday, March 20, 12:18:45 PM

F Epic!

Death of a Nation User review rating: 1 Wednesday, March 20, 12:17:09 PM

I'm an older school Republican and I advise that you find another film or documentary and ignore "Death of A Nation". It was a distorted, sloppily slapped together view of American history.

The LEGO Movie 2: The Second Part User review rating: 1 Wednesday, March 20, 11:59:28 AM


Captive State User review rating: 4 Wednesday, March 20, 11:52:28 AM

Good script, good acting, great twist and turns, mediocre speacial effects!

To Kill a Mockingbird User review rating: 5 Wednesday, March 20, 11:10:59 AM

One of my fav movies of all time. Touches on so many family and social issues. It shows you cant judge a whole race of ppl by one bad apple. Evil will always luve in some ppl. I think majority of ppl are good and fair.

Green Book User review rating: 5 Wednesday, March 20, 10:51:07 AM

"Green Book" is a great movie in everyway! Ultimately, it will become a classic! It is great because it captures the true life story of Dr. Donald Shirley and Tony Vallelonga! The script is great! Masterfully crafted to the real life story of Dr. Shirley and Tony Vallelonga! The acting is great! Believable! Not just from the stand point of preeminent performances rendered by Mahershala Ali and Viggo Mortensen. But, by Linda Cardellini, to other the extras in the movie! Peter Ferrell direction of this movie, is equated to greatest painters and sculptures in history! His directing of this film was simply awesome! Kris Bowers also deserves the banner of awesome! His interpretation of and implementation of Dr. Donald Shirley's music and his tutoring of Mahershala Ali was ingenious! Huge kudos to Octavia Spencer for recognizing the great importance of this story and producing it! I have seen "Green Book" in movie theaters several times! I own the DVD. Yet, each time I see it, it gets better and better and better!!! Go see it!! Purchase it!! I love "Green Book!" You will love it too!

Surviving Escobar, Alias JJ (Netflix) User review rating: 5 Wednesday, March 20, 10:28:58 AM

it's great ! exciting! these actors can really act !

Us User review rating: 2 Wednesday, March 20, 09:03:05 AM

Great acting, boring storyline.

Captain Marvel User review rating: 4 Wednesday, March 20, 08:34:04 AM

This movie is sensational for various reasons. Yes, in one way it really is just a super hero movie. But too it is much more. I read other reviews here and wonder whether they saw the movie in a bad or zoned out mood or whether they simply saw another movie. I saw the film, Captain Marvel, last night despite reading the negative reviews here because the on-line professional reviews for the movie were quite good for an action comic film. Plus sales for the movie were through the roof and I know that one of the best movie critiques is discoverable by reviewing how movie goers have voted with their wallets. In such regard alone the movie is a hit deserves at least 4 stars. While submitting the proviso that it is indeed simply an action comic movie with the main focus of entertaining its audience, one must add that it delivers in several other categories as I will explain. The movie offers timely injections of humour for all ages to appreciate and an enjoyable nostalgic depiction of the 1990's. Beyond entertainment it is a film with some important and timely things to say, including that in this time when racial tensions are high, that justice, goodness and love for others is blind to such differences. It also is a girl and woman power movie. It raises up women and shows that gender need not impede determination and that focused determination is a source of great power to excercise to achieve good. It has moments that tug on heart strings and plenty of moments of kick butt action. The special effects are also good enough to satisfy even those accustomed to spectacular effects. Overall the movie is great entertainment, and a such an enjoyable way to lift your spirits and raise your confidence in your determination and inner strength. It makes you aspire to believe we are better than racial discord and gender inequality. It reminds us that there is intrinsic benefit in caring for others even when they are not like us. It reinforces belief that girls an

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