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Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness User review rating: 5 Sunday, June 26, 02:01:42 PM

Love everything about it

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness User review rating: 1 Sunday, June 26, 01:59:09 PM

Can’t believe movies are catering to women, other races and sexualities. They don’t need representation. Disney! Go back to the good’ol days where everything was made for white men in America. Make our villians brown again! The world needs to see our Alpha white males saving the world from the evil Chinese, Russians or Middle Eastern countries. We our losing our power over the lesser races and genders. I will not be adding this to my collection of marvel movies. Too many colored people in it and two women hugging each other. Yuck!

Elvis User review rating: 5 Sunday, June 26, 01:41:31 PM

I knew it would be tastefully done when I saw the endorsement of Elvis’ family.

Lightyear User review rating: 5 Sunday, June 26, 01:30:47 PM

I would have rated this a one star mostly due to it just being an all around boring and poorly written movie, but then I saw all of these ignorant trolls writing about how they don't want sexuality or politics in children's movies. News flash! They have ALWAYS had them in one form or another and none of you complained about it cause you were already brainwashed and accustomed to them. There are so many comments in here using buzz words like woke and grooming, parroting whatever ill informed source of media they feed off of. Which by the way, they're not even using them properly either, though that’s not surprising. I tend to forget how poorly educated most Americans are. Gotta love the good’ ol U.S. of ignorance.

Lightyear User review rating: 5 Sunday, June 26, 01:19:00 PM

I'm not really understanding the mindset behind berating this movie because of a same sex kiss that took up a whole 5 seconds of the run time. The family scenes probably took up a few minutes at least. The way Buzz and Alisha had a friendship where the conversation just flowed and in no way felt forced, meant that the writing team knew what they were doing when making the film. The story was amazing, one man trying to correct a mistake no matter the cost on his own life in order to save others. The action sequences were top notch and had me smiling the entire time I saw a fight scene. Sox was an incredibly amazing comic relief character mixed with emotional support. Izzy being a character raised from loving family and developed her own self by conquering her fears. Mo and Darby are a force to be reckoned with on anyone's good and bad day. There were a ton of little easter eggs my wife and I caught that we kept talking about even after the movie was over. Chris Evans is Buzz Lightyear! They probably went with him to showcase a more action-oriented Buzz where Tim Allen did a phenomenal job in the Toy Story franchise as a kid-friendly staple. And there's absolutely nothing wrong with that. Congratulations to Disney for making an animated action film that my wife and I watched twice, both times with our 3-year-old. And she loved it just as much as we did. Go watch Lightyear! Stop getting uppity about a kiss that has no bearing on your life or well-being. To Infinity and Beyond!

Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom User review rating: 5 Sunday, June 26, 11:13:44 AM

Loved the movie

The Black Phone User review rating: 3 Sunday, June 26, 10:49:17 AM

Well that was disappointing.

Lightyear User review rating: 1 Sunday, June 26, 10:29:42 AM

homo erotica IN SPACE!

Elvis User review rating: 5 Sunday, June 26, 10:04:48 AM

There were parts in the movie that I couldn't be sure that it was Austin or actually Elvis himself! It is performed so well!

Elvis User review rating: 5 Sunday, June 26, 09:24:27 AM

Austin Butler was incredible as Elvis! He nailed the talk, walk and vibe. The sets and outfits were spot on. The attention to detail was very impressive. Whether you are an Elvis fan or not the movie is entertaining. Worth the trip to the movie theater.

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