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Secret of the Cardboard Rocket User review rating: 5 Tuesday, February 23, 03:57:41 PM

One of the best experiences i had as a kid.

Harriet User review rating: 5 Tuesday, February 23, 10:02:29 AM


Judas and the Black Messiah User review rating: 4 Tuesday, February 23, 09:49:13 AM

Acting is very good. Some scenes hard to watch. Strong language and violence. Based on true events in 1968.

Virus User review rating: 1 Tuesday, February 23, 04:08:44 AM

Virus is a lame, connect-the-dots sci-fi thriller. You've seen this a million times before and since. Speaking of viruses, does the person who posted the inane comment immediately below suffer from a brain virus? It's a review for a different movie, I Am Legend; AND this person prefers that film to the Richard Matheson novel ??!!??!??? That is insane!!!! The I Am Legend film is, like the vast majority of Will Smith films, utterly terrible. Richard Matheson's novel is GREAT. Goddamn, people are stupid!

I Care a Lot User review rating: 1 Monday, February 22, 08:33:32 PM

The despicable characters become the heroes, I guess?

The Good Doctor User review rating: 1 Sunday, February 21, 11:25:25 PM

Cloying drama with Highmore giving a consistently horrible performance as a robot doctor. Terrible!

Dara of Jasenovac User review rating: 5 Sunday, February 21, 07:33:26 PM

An excellent movie based on historical facts and the Holocaust that Serbs and Jews went through during World War II. Unfortunately, it is not possible to describe the horrors of Jasenovac that were committed by Croats in just one movie. One devastating fact is that Croats were the only ones to have a concentration camp for kids during World War II.

Dara of Jasenovac User review rating: 5 Sunday, February 21, 07:29:29 PM

1940s Croatia, 10-year-old Serbian girl Dara is sent with her mother and siblings to the concentration camp complex known as Jasenovac, the operational death camp during World War II created by the Croatian ustasha tasked with murdering Serbs, Jews and Roma people. As unspeakable atrocities unfold all around her, young Dara must summon tremendous courage to protect her infant brother from a terrible fate, to safeguard her own survival and to plot a precarious path toward freedom. Based on historical, documented events. Great movie!

Dara of Jasenovac User review rating: 5 Sunday, February 21, 07:10:18 PM

Finally after 80 years, a film was made showing only a small part of the suffering of Serbs in the Independent State of Croatia during the Second World War. From the brutality of true events unknown to the normal human mind, the director had to make a film that could be watched. This film actually alleviated the horrors that were happening in Jasenovac. A film that leaves a deep mark on the viewer.

Dara of Jasenovac User review rating: 1 Sunday, February 21, 05:00:01 PM

propaganda. Bad and logically cheap.

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