Ben is Back

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User review rating: 4 January 06, 2019

Strong performance by Julia Roberts--not a lot of fun to be had being the mother of a drug addict. It's a powerful tale, both dramatic and emotional. I wasn't fully buying into Lucas Hedges as the addicted son. It wasn't totally his fault, as some of the dialogue didn't ring true. Still worth seeing. WARNING--NOT a fun movie...……...…Guru Bob……………………………..84/100

User review rating: 5 January 01, 2019

Refreshingly understated. Avoids stereotypes. This film grabs your attention due to the terrific acting by Roberts and Hedges and its script. Well worth watching!

User review rating: 1 December 30, 2018

It's such an obvious ploy to demonize institutions and make it look evil to even mention being gay is anything but positive. Yeah, being gay has been around since the beginning of time, we all know that. But it's still frowned on and that's the way it is being people are not comfortable with the idea. One of the reasons is very deep, it's that you can't make babies without the 2 sexes procreating. It's hard wired to procreate but the leftists don't like that!!!

User review rating: 5 December 29, 2018

Julia Roberts shines as the mother who would go to any lengths to help her son. Lucas Hedges was believable as her addicted son. Excellent acting all around!

User review rating: 3 December 29, 2018

This movie was not Julia Roberts best movie. Her character was weak and did not work well with her family dynamic. Where was Ben’s biological father? There was no discussion about how she met her new husband and the 2 children they had together. Peter Hedge did a great job writing and directing the film but there were so plot holes. The audience was upset when there was no ending with the son, Ben. Lucas Hedges, is turning ito a fine actor, with a great body of work.

User review rating: 5 December 29, 2018

So real! Not overdone, not formulaic like many other stories that address the heartbreaking realities of addiction. This film also addresses the societal views we should all examine more closely. Brilliant acting by all, including those "lesser" characters that were deeply affected by Ben's addiction. Especially fabulous to see Julia Roberts back and at the pinnacle of her brilliance. Left me holding my breath until the final second when the screen went dark, and I'm still thinking about it today, a day after viewing.

User review rating: 5 December 22, 2018


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