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UPLOAD - Season 3 Trailer

138 Views | 2:00 | Uploaded on Nov 16, 2023

In a technologically advanced future where hologram phones, 3D food printers and automated grocery stores are the norm, and humans can choose to be “uploaded” into a virtual afterlife when they find themselves near-death, young app developer Nathan Brown (Robbie Amell) winds up in the hospital following a self-driving car accident, and he quickly needs to decide his fate.

After a rushed deliberation with his shallow girlfriend Ingrid (Allegra Edwards), he chooses to be uploaded to her family’s luxurious virtual afterlife, the Horizen company’s "Lakeview." Once uploaded in Lakeview, Nathan meets his customer service "Angel," Nora Anthony (Andy Allo), who at first is his charismatic concierge and guide, but quickly becomes his friend and confidante, helping him navigate this new digital extension of life.

In the second season, after being downgraded, Nathan is frozen for weeks before being brought back by his ex-girlfriend Ingrid, who is pretending to have uploaded in an attempt to repair their relationship. Meanwhile, Nora goes off the grid to escape the hitmen trying to track her down. Her father brings her to the Ludds, a community of people living far off in the woods, who are trying to bring down Lakeview.

The third season begins with Nathan, now downloaded and teamed up with Nora, trying to keep a billionaire from cheating poor people back in the real world.


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