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'The Souvenir' Trailer

4,731 Views | 2:16 | Uploaded on Jun 05, 2019

In this trailer for The Souvenir we find Julie (Honor Swinton Byrne) in bed with Anthony (Tom Burke). Anthony is lodging with Julie and her mother Rosalind (Tilda Swinton), and is attempting a covert courtship. Julie is a timid but ambitious and aspiring filmmaker looking to break free from her surroundings and upbringing to be more in tune with the world. However, her life becomes a difficult balancing act with Anthony's courtship as he displays increasingly untrustworthy behavior that concerns her friends and mother. When enough is enough, Julie begins to stand up for herself and challenges Anthony on his attitudes. In spite of her misgivings, their complicated relationship begins to spiral into one of conflict that has Julie learning and growing from these experiences. 


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