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THE HUNT - New Trailer

12,925 Views | 1:32 | Uploaded on Feb 11, 2020

In this brand new trailer for The Hunt, 12 strangers wake up gagged and lost in the woods before slowly coming together to try and figure out what is going on. They soon find a cache of weapons with one man speculating on an article he read about liberal elites kidnapping people like them to hunt them for sport. The film then embraces its notoriety surrounding its delayed release last year with a title card before following it up with a line from the film about free speech, defending it as not being real. As chaos unfolds around the 12 strangers, the trailer asks audiences to see the film and decide for themselves whether or not the controversy was merited. Crystal (Betty Gilpin) then confronts one of the assumed wealthy liberals (Hilary Swank) about the nature of the event, which she denies as a hunt for sport, playing up a meta aspect to the movie that pokes fun at the whole thing. 


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