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'The Good Liar' Trailer

7,537 Views | 2:13 | Uploaded on Jun 27, 2019

In this first trailer for The Good Liar, we meet Roy Courtnay (Sir Ian McKellen) on his way to meet his online date, Betty McLeish (Helen Mirren). Together they discuss the risks of online dating where Roy admits to his deception at the use of a fake name. As their relationship begins to blossom, Roy is revealed to be a career conman who is after all of Betty's wealth, roughly 3 million pounds. In his way is Betty's grandson Steven (Russell Tovey), who is suspicious of the elderly man and protective of his grandmother. Charmed by Roy's affections, Betty begins to trust him more. As Roy's past life begins to catch up with him, he continues to feel the thrill of the game pushing him further and further along with his latest mark. As the game continues, the endless spiral of lies sees Roy, Betty, and Steven heading to an inevitable confrontation. 


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