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Rampage - Trailer #2

58,157 Views | 2:27 | Uploaded on Feb 14, 2018

In the second trailer for Rampage, primatologist Davis (Dwayne Johnson) shows some people his friend George, telling them he rescued the gorilla when the young ape was just two years of age. Davis says he's not just a friend; he's family. As George approaches, Davis warns them not to move. As George roars at them, one man asks, "Are you crazy?" George then runs at the man in an aggressive manner while the man collapses in sheer fright. George then begins to laugh, while Davis, who has gotten between George and the man, tells George using sign language that although this stunt was funny for the two of them, the new guy, who was scared, cried. George looks appropriately sorry. Later, Davis discovers George with scars on his chest. He's also grown in size. Davis finds something near George's cave and needs someone who can tell what it is. Dr. Kate Caldwell (Naomie Harris) says George must have undergone genetic editing. As George goes on a rampage and law enforcement shoots at him, Davis and Kate try to find an antidote, not only to save people from being hurt, but to save George's life.  


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