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Passengers - Official Trailer

11,621 Views | 2:29 | Uploaded on Sep 20, 2016

In the epic premiere trailer for the sci-fi romance Passengers, Jim (Chris Pratt) excitedly sends a robot to give a message to Aurora (Jennifer Lawrence). Aurora turns around and is handed a note with the words, "Dinner tonight?" Amused and equally excited, Aurora accepts his offer for a long-awaited first date. The two meet up at a bar where they enjoy conversation and drinks courtesy of their robot bartender, Arthur (Michael Sheen). This budding couple is on the Starship Avalon, where they are both expected to sleep for 120 years until they reach a colony planet called "Homestead II," light years away from Earth. However, Jim and Aurora woke up 90 years early, and now they must navigate life on the vast spacecraft with only each other (and robots) for company.


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