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PALM SPRINGS - Prime Video Trailer

233 Views | 1:00 | Uploaded on Dec 14, 2020

Sarah (Cristin Milioti) is the maid of honor at her sister’s wedding. On the morning of the big day, she wakes up, reluctant to go to the ceremony. During the reception she meets Nyles (Andy Samberg), who lives a very carefree lifestyle. The two hit it off and decide to leave the ceremony for some fun, but that’s when things get complicated. While alone on the beach, Nyles is hit with an arrow and runs off in pain towards a glowing cave. He tells Sarah not to follow but she doesn’t listen.

The next day Sarah wakes up and it is once again the morning of her sister’s wedding. She’s absolutely livid and rushes to find answers from Nyles, who explains they’re now stuck in an infinite time loop. While Sarah wants to find a way out of the nightmare, Nyles helps her embrace living life like nothing matters.


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