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King of Devil's Island Trailer

15,659 Views | 2:27 | Uploaded on May 31, 2013

Norway, Winter 1915. On a remote island, the Bastoy Boys correctional center houses juvenile delinquents, most of whom have been found guilty of petty crimes. When Erling, 17, arrives at the center, a rumor circulates that he's committed a murder, which he doesn't try to deny. He has numerous run ins with the director of the institution, who promotes a regime of harsh punishment, hard manual labor and rigid discipline. When Erling realizes that Braaten, the director's assistant, is sexually abusing one of the young inmates, he confronts Olav, an inmate in charge of maintaining discipline. Aware that he might be jeopardizing his release, Olav warns the director, but his efforts are in vain, as Braaten retains his position. Indignant, Erling encourages his fellow prisoners to revolt.


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