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Gifted - Official Trailer

32,624 Views | 2:27 | Uploaded on Nov 01, 2016

In the official trailer for Gifted , Frank (Chris Evans) tells his niece Mary (Mckenna Grace) he's sending her to school. Her teacher soon finds out the little girl is a mathematical genius. Frank is told he should send her to an academy for gifted children. He refuses, saying he promised his sister Mary would have a normal life. We then see Mary running on the beach, the two of them in a boat, and Mary cuddling in Frank's lap.

However, Mary's grandmother Evelyn, whom she's never met, comes calling, gifting Mary with a MacBook. She says Frank is denying Mary her potential — after all, "How many seven-year-olds are doing advanced calculus?" Evelyn tries to get custody away from Frank, so Mary can attend school with other geniuses of her caliber — in other words, adults. Frank finds himself grilled in court, where he has to admit he doesn't have health insurance. He later reveals his greatest fear — that he'll ruin Mary's life.

We see shots of Mary pretending to sing into a microphone with another little girl, holding a cat, going for a ride on Frank's shoulders. Her last words to Frank in the trailer are, "You wanted me before I was smart." 


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