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English Vinglish Trailer

16,460 Views | 3:03 | Uploaded on May 30, 2013

Shashi (Sridevi), a traditional Indian housewife living in Pune, is continuously put down because she does not know English. In the Indian culture, even within India, people are judged based on their knowledge of English, among other things. Her own children and husband (Adil Hussain), even though they think they're just being playful, constantly tease and belittle her.

When Shashi has to had to New York to prepare for her niece's wedding, she finds that the language barrier because an even bigger problem, to the point where she struggles to even order a cup of coffee.

In order to please her family and society and to make life just a little easier, Shashi takes it upon herself to enroll in an English speaking course. As she overcomes her insecurity and masters a new language, she undergoes a transformation and even meets people with the power to forever change her life in the big city.


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