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Darwin is an isolated community located at the end of a weathered road in Death Valley, California. With a population of only 35, the people of Darwin are a close-knit group, each with their own reasons for staying put. For instance Susan, the postmaster, has endured a tragic estrangement that forces her to foster a close bond with her fellow Darwin residents. Hank and Connie try to mend their troubled pasts by finding a new religion and embracing Darwin's peace and quiet. Ryal, a transgendering 20-something, can't deny the allure of being with his partner, Penny, in a place where there is "nothing out here" for them.

Out of touch with the outside world, the people of Darwin find ways to co-exist in a place without a government, a church, jobs, or children. The near-ghost town's survival depends solely on one tiny waterline that descends from the mountains. But with this source comes great risk because the mountaintop also happens to be where top secret weapons are being tested. Although they joke about it, one "accidental" drop of a bomb could wipe out their entire town forever.


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