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Clinton, Inc. - Official Trailer

248 Views | 2:20 | Uploaded on Oct 03, 2016

In the official trailer for Clinton, Inc., we're told that the documentary "goes behind the headlines, soundbites and slogans to reveal the untold story of the Clintons." Various authors chime in, proclaiming that Bill could not have become president without Hillary and that neither would have reached the heights they have without each other. Old photos and current images of the esteemed couple are featured to highlight their years together.

The trailer shifts to profile their respective histories, from childhood to high-profile politicians. Their backstories are revealed, he's named a charmer while she's called ruthless, and it's suggested that their partnership has a strategic angle - their union is (and has been) beneficial to their individual careers. They're labelled "a corporation" and said to be "about power, about money." Their success is stated to be at the expense of the American working class.


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