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On November 15, 1959, the brutal murder of a family in a small Kansas town sent shockwaves through the nation. One-of-a-kind author Truman Capote was sent to Kansas to pen an article about the crimes for The New Yorker magazine. He ended up writing one of the most celebrated books of the century, In Cold Blood.

With signature style and mordant wit -- and his friend Harper Lee (Catherine Keener) in tow -- Capote attempts to charm the locals and work his way into the story behind the murders. He's soon shocked, however, to find himself forming a friendship with one of the killers, Perry Smith. As the book nears completion and execution day approaches, Capote finds himself torn in directions he never anticipated and is forever changed by his experiences.

Canadian Connection  Canadian Connection: Filmed in Manitoba. Actor Bruce Greenwood and several other cast members are Canadian.


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