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Blood Pressure Trailer

4,243 Views | 1:59 | Uploaded on May 25, 2013

Nicole, 41, a pharmacist with a husband and two teenagers, comes to the point in her life where she becomes frustrated with the limits of her life and wonders if her life will ever be any different or better. She peruses job listings in foreign lands, just to get a taste of what her life could be like.

One day she gets an anonymous letter from someone who knows a lot about her daily habits and suggests Nicole is not appreciated by the people around her. The letter asks her to place the green card inside the letter in her window if she wants the correspondence to continue. If she doesn't want to hear from the writer again, all she has to do is throw the letter away.

She puts the green card in the window, and not only gets more letters, but gifts as well. After numerous gifts, the letters begin giving her assignments that may ultimately put everything in jeopardy that has meaning for her.


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