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Anna Karenina Trailer

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Late 19th century, Russian high society. At the age of 18, demure and elegant socialite Anna Karenina (Keira Knightley) has been promised to marry senior statesman Count Alexei Alexandrovich Karenin (Jude Law).

Her new husband is 20 years Anna's senior and although the young woman doesn't love her rather dull and unemotional spouse, she bears him a son.

While at a ball, Anna finds herself attracted to a young, wealthy cavalry officer named Count Vronsky (Aaron Johnson). Vronsky is captivated by Anna's beauty and grace and it doesn't take long for the young man to profess his unyielding love and desire to wed this already-married woman.

Anna cannot deny feeling a strong connection to Vronsky, but when her husband finds about about the two of them, he threatens to deny Anna access to her young son. Despite the handsome young aristocrat's passionate bid for her love, Anna struggles to accept the Count's conditions whilst abiding by the guidelines put in place by her blueblood upper class society.

Based on the classic novel by Leo Tolstoy.


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