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User review rating: 5 April 06, 2015

Really amazing movie. Hadn't seen such a touching movie in a very long time. I still think about it a lot even weeks later.

User review rating: 5 March 31, 2015

Terrific acting by Moore and suitably rewarded.

User review rating: 5 March 17, 2015

I found this movie very touching at the end with some tears but it was well done!! I hope Julianne Moore gets an Oscar for this movie

User review rating: 0 March 14, 2015

We snuck out after approximately 10 minutes because of the lack of anything interesting for us. Would not recommend this movie for the younger generation even though rated pg.

User review rating: 5 March 11, 2015


User review rating: 5 March 03, 2015

my husband and I just watched this movie tonight and really enjoyed it. It is such a realistic portrayal of the beginnings of the disease as well as the pain endured by everyone around them. My only regret was not bringing Kleenex, definitely a tear jerker. Both Julianne Moore and Alec Baldwin were amazing.

User review rating: 5 February 28, 2015

As the primary family care-giver of an Alzheimer's patient, this movie touched a very emotional chord in me. Julianne Moore did an outstanding portrayal of the character (and SO deserving of the Oscar she received). Reading the comments from other viewers I suggest that if the entire scope of the disease were to be represented the movie would have to be hours longer...

User review rating: 0 February 14, 2015

I would recommend this as a good movie to watch, but although it lightly touched on a few aspects of Alzheimer's Disease, it would have been nice for the producers to touch on the advanced stages (how frustrations lead to rage/violent tendencies, the importance of safety in the home, loss of appetite) etc...

User review rating: 5 February 10, 2015

As the spouse of a wonderful woman who is on the Alzheimers' journey, I found this movie to be incredibly interesting and realistic.

User review rating: 5 February 07, 2015

Julienne Moore is fantastic, hope she wins an Oscar. Movie well done, although sad, it is reminder to all of us to cherish life and health, because what happen to her it could happen to any of us...Great acting cast.

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