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User review rating: 5 October 08, 2017

From IMDB, by ticklegear I am surprised by how good this film was. First, my interest in the film was to see China's advanced military toys. It delivered results by the truck load. We got up close with the J-20 5th generation fighter jet and the "chubby girl" Y-20 heavy lift plane and other toys that I'll let you find out for yourself :) What surprised me was the quality of the film. It can stand shoulder to shoulder with Top Gun, a classic in its own right. That's quite an accomplishment for a relatively nascent Chinese entertainment industry. We get a simple plot. Good vs evil. Decently fleshed out characters and snappy dialog moved the film forward quickly. They hired some serious eye candy for the lead roles. The action! Awesome action. The scenes were adrenaline pumping. The fighter jets were dog fighting across eye popping vistas. The sound and visual effects were spectacular. The rounds coming out of the mini gun was meaty and intimidating. The damage looked real and life threatening. I didn't have to suspend my belief at all. No stupid impossible physics. Action was definitely the best part of the film by far. If you like high octane action, bleeding edge military toys, and attractive eye candy then check this out.

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