Secret in Their Eyes

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3.44 / 5

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Based on 34 votes and 13 reviews

  • User rating: 3.44 43.75%
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  • User rating: 3.44 18.75%

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User review rating: 1 March 03, 2016

very predictable.

User review rating: 5 February 26, 2016

Am lost for words...

User review rating: 5 February 24, 2016

Julia Roberts has never been more glamourous.

User review rating: 5 January 09, 2016

worth every penny spent. good story, suspense and thriller.

User review rating: 5 January 02, 2016

This was a great movie. I had not seen a movie lately with Julia Roberts or Nicole Kidman; this movie was no disappointment.

User review rating: 2 December 21, 2015

This could have been a good movie. A very poor script that failed to maintain any sense of a coherent story line. Unfortunate and disappointing considering it had top level actors.

User review rating: 1 December 16, 2015

I left the theatre in the middle of the movie. I had a feeling the producer invited famous actors, threw money at them, and they said, 'Why not?' The story line keeps shifting between the present and the past without any warning, the actors are trying too hard to earn the keep (and barely staying awake), and the only thing I liked about this 'blockbuster' is that this was Tuesday, and I only lost 6 bucks!

User review rating: 5 December 03, 2015

Great movie.

User review rating: 4 November 25, 2015

Better than expected thriller. plotline driven by long drawn out life-affecting deep ethical/legal/moral dilemmas. fine with flashback format (13 years switches); not as confusing as others make it out unless one cannot read age/time period visual cues. twist at end is classic uneasy justice.

User review rating: 3 November 23, 2015

It was a very intense plot. The flashbacks with no explanations kind of leads the audience wondering what is going on and this may hurt the movie popularity. Excellent acting. You can't go wrong with Julie Roberts ansd Nicole Kidman.

User review rating: 2 November 22, 2015

Cured my insomnia.

User review rating: 5 November 21, 2015

Wow. This is a really good movie. Very dark and complex, but worth it for the double whammy ending

User review rating: 1 November 20, 2015

I found it confusing and not particularly interesting.

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