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User review rating: 5 April 29, 2017

A beautiful film that celebrates Maud Lewis' creative spirit. She found joy in her painting, despite the harsh conditions she endured. 'Maudie' captures the essence of rural Nova Scotia in that era. I highly recommend it to anyone who admires her paintings or who likes a good Canadian film.

User review rating: 5 April 26, 2017

Incredible performance by Sally Hawkins! Creatively filmed with an intriguing soundtrack. I had to go back a second time, and perhaps a third.

User review rating: 5 April 26, 2017

Beautiful movie - very well acted by the two leads, beautiful/stark Newfoundland landscape (standing in for Nova Scotia), and a well done screenplay about an amazing artist. Highly recommended!

User review rating: 5 April 25, 2017

Fantastic...Sally Hawkins & Ethan Hawke give truly nuanced, subtle, inspirational performances. Beautifully directed and filmed. This is truly one for the ages.

User review rating: 5 April 24, 2017

Truly inspirational story. A treasure. Spectacular scenery. Art and a great soundtrack. Every Canadian should see this movie...Maud Lewis is amazing. Tragedy but so much dry humor.

User review rating: 5 April 24, 2017

Loved this movie. The two leads are unbelievably good, they come across as real people, not two actors pretending to be somebody they're not. I can't wait to see it again.

User review rating: 5 April 23, 2017

This is a wonderfully crafted film with amazing acting performances. Expecting a predictable Hollywood love story? This is not that. It is raw and honest in its presentation and cinematography. There were times when the movie theatre audience was absolutely quiet...not a single sound. Maud's story is both troubling and inspiring.

User review rating: 5 April 22, 2017

The first half hour was slow but after that .... One of the BEST movies ever. What a beautiful story how Everett fell so in love with Maude's inner beauty. If you get past the first part of this movie, you will see how absolutely beautiful it is.

User review rating: 4 April 22, 2017

So well acted and very realistic. A quiet, sad drama with a bit of humour here and there. The movie stayed true to Nova Scotia culture, and the audience was visibly moved. So moved that this is the only time I remember an audience, in New Glasgow, clapping at the end of a movie.

User review rating: 1 April 22, 2017

This movie is sad story and I would not waste your money to see this movie,it was boring!!!!

User review rating: 5 April 22, 2017

Incredible, nuanced performance by Sally Hawkins in a sensitive portrayal of the lives of Maud and Everett.

User review rating: 5 April 20, 2017

Delicate love story, emotional growth and the persistence of a beautiful soul....inspirational!

User review rating: 5 April 18, 2017

Excellent movie. I hope people take the time to enjoy a mature well made true story about a wonderful and artistic person.

User review rating: 4 April 06, 2017

Just saw an advance screening of Maudie and really loved it! Such a beautiful, heartwarming true story of a very special artist from Atlantic Canada. Her many challenges from a young age didn't take away from the sheer happiness that infused her through her painting. The acting was superb and the scenery breathtaking. Highly recommend it.

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