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User review rating: 1 September 27, 2021

I got the point of it but... why make a bad movie about it?? Should've been a 20 min short/mini doc or something... or maybe just not done at all. Slow.. repetitive (which was part of the point).. ignores the fact that it happens to men as well.

User review rating: 1 August 06, 2021

I hate to slam any artists work, but I mean... COME ON... This was slow to start and when it did it was monotonous and entirely predictable - at least in a sense as I still don't REALLY know what the story was. I cannot believe that good money goes into producing crap like this when there are so many fresh, new writers striving to showcase their talent. Without giving spoilers if you are going to waste what felt like 10hrs of my time, the viewer is left to wonder about just why what is happening is happening and I GUESS to make their own mind up about it - but will still be left completely dissatisfied. (I won't tell you what I concluded as it would be a spoiler, if indeed this movie can be spoiled anymore than it already is!) I also have ZERO idea why it is called Lucky - except for some ridiculous attempt at justification halfway through where her agent mentions how lucky she is to be published and she goes into a rant about what a hard worker she is and therefore luck has nothing to do with it. Absolutely terrible. Tries way too hard to be clever and psychological, and fails miserably.

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