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  • User rating: 3.54 8.33%
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User review rating: 1 October 15, 2018

The “First Man” opens October 12 in theaters. American Flags should be placed “outside” the theaters before entering. The American Flag, old glory, has flown over our buildings, in our classrooms, in our sport’s arenas, on the battle fields, and even been draped over the coffins of America’s fallen heroes. We stand and salute when it is displayed. We sing the National Anthem in praise of our American Flag (…does the flag still wave.) Yes, it still waves, even on the moon. Gosling who played Neil Armstrong stated the moon landing was “widely regarded in the end as a human achievement. “…it was his (Gosling) view that Armstrong’s moon walk ”transcended countries and borders'” according to quotes featured in U.K.’s Telegraph. “This is total lunacy,” Florida Republican Sen. Marco Rubio tweeted. “And a disservice at a time when our people need reminders of what we can achieve when we work together. The American people paid for that mission, on rockets built by Americans, with American technology & carrying American astronauts. It wasn’t a UN mission.” Weekly Standard editor Bill Kristol declared that it’s a “foolish and pernicious falsification of history.” Please Share This

User review rating: 5 October 14, 2018

Good script. Important history. A number of hair-raising scenes. Captured my attention right to the end. In the book version, Norman Mailer says that the 20th century was about "the itch to accelerate, the metaphysical direction unknown." The Moon Landing represents the culmination of that "acceleration". The movie, by focusing on Neil's personal life and sorrow and giving a strong role to his wife, Jan, inadvertently shows us the way into the future, the "metaphysical direction" of the 21st century. We humans in the present are in the process of bringing feminine values back into balance with the masculine, both within ourselves and in the outer world. Today, boys are encouraged to express their feelings; girls are taught that their voices deserve to be heard; we are all learning that it is O.K.. to take time out to grieve, and so, the world keeps on evolving. 5 stars!

User review rating: 4 October 14, 2018

I was minus five years old when the first moonlanding occurred. This movie made me feel as if I went back in time and celebrated it with the rest of the world.

User review rating: 1 October 14, 2018

I was really looking forward to this but the film was lackluster in my opinion. More of a historical piece.

User review rating: 1 October 13, 2018

Rather slow

User review rating: 5 October 13, 2018

Being a history buff ,I loved this film. Neil Armstrong was probably one of the most famous men in the world after the moon landing .He was also a very humble and private person too. This movie captured this very well .The movie is filmed in POV so the audience gets the feeling of being there. Very well done.

User review rating: 5 October 13, 2018

These 5 stars I'm giving it isn't enough for it. Its been a long time that I've been to a movie that I don't even move in my seat....I even forgot that I had popcorn. This movie captured my attention from the very first minute and I would go see this one multiple times.

User review rating: 5 October 13, 2018

I was sad to see the end of the movie....I wanted them to go into what happened after the moon landing.

User review rating: 1 October 13, 2018

Globalist propaganda garbage. Don’t waste your time.

User review rating: 5 October 13, 2018

The movie shows you up close how exhilarating yet terrifying it must have been to be an astronaut, from the X15 rocket plane to the Apollo capsule. This movie held my attention throughout.

User review rating: 5 October 13, 2018

I remember the moon landing and how it galvanized people across the globe. For a short time we became one humanity, celebrating wildly, and in awe of our new connection to the universe. And we were able to see that from afar, our breathlessly beautiful planet was fragile and had no boundaries. This movie was different than I expected, but I honor its portrayal of a brave and very human Neil Armstrong. And I honor all those who worked alongside him to create the greatest adventure of human kind to date. From their efforts we can and must create a new story, one that once again brings us into planetary oneness, in celebration, as responsible caretakers of our home planet so that we may survive into the future. The time is now, the clock is ticking.

User review rating: 4 October 13, 2018

Some 25 years ago, I had the privilege of asking Edwin 'Buzz' Aldrin what it felt like when the Saturn 5 took off and he indicated it was a very smooth take-off to the point he couldn't really tell exactly when it lifted off the pad and in this regard this movie grossly exaggerates the noise and shaking the astronauts of Apollo 11 experienced. Also, in the Gemini/Agena incident (Gemini 8), the whirring heard in the movie simply didn't exist. The spaceship silently started to spin faster and faster until it quietly nearly killed both of its passengers and I feel the sense of sheer terror would have been better portrayed if they had showed it like that in the movie instead of adding the Hollywood style sound effects. Other than these 'dramatisation' liberties, this movie is a relatively faithful '1st person view' of the most important events related to the 1960s space race to the moon as seen and experienced by Armstrong, his family and colleagues. Armstrong was deeply affected by the death of his daughter and that of some close friends but also by the fact he was constantly putting his own life on the line to achieve a goal set by one of the most famous U.S. President and the focus of the entire western world. 'First Man' gives an intimate portrayal of the impact on Armstrong's psyche and his family. Go see this movie if you want a good history lesson which includes important details about the human side of one of the least known space race hero. Don't go if you expect something thrilling or entertaining. It's easier to understand some parts if you read about the LLRV crash, the death of the Apollo 1 crew , Gemini 8, Apollo 11 & the X-15 prior to watching the movie.

User review rating: 4 October 12, 2018

Shea Whigham is great.

User review rating: 2 October 12, 2018

I was looking forward to seeing this......well, it was long, too long, 2 1/4 hrs.....boring. I was somewhat disappointed. Ryan Gosling is good but there isn't too much more here, we all know the history of the moon landing, this is just insight into the man Neil Armstrong. I wanted to like it....

User review rating: 5 October 12, 2018

Excellent movie. The 2+ hours went by fast. Kept my attention the whole time.

User review rating: 3 October 12, 2018

Was expecting more, a lot more. Good history lesson but Hidden Figures was a better movie and story.

User review rating: 3 October 12, 2018

too much on the depressing side for such an historic event

User review rating: 4 October 12, 2018

Excellent portrayal of Armstrong. We need more Americans like him. Very accurate picture of 60’s space program.

User review rating: 1 October 12, 2018

terrible movie! not american!!

User review rating: 2 October 12, 2018

I was born in 1962, watched the moon landing while it happened. Captivated by everything space related for the last 50 some years. I read more than 50 books a year, about half are science fiction. This movie made me regret my interest. It turned something that should be the height of excitement into a movie that made me want to do something fun, like statistics, or mop the kitchen floor, or watch paint dry in slow motion. Claire Foy's Janet Armstrong was the only visible sign of life, and she was strong. The technical aspects seemed accurate mostly, except someone had a crazy love affair with shaking the camera at every opportunity. Their depiction of the moon was the other aspect of the movie that I liked (other than Claire Foy). All in all, if you need a 2 hour nap with 12 interesting minutes, watch this movie. If you want an interesting space movie, watch Space Cowboys, or any direct to DVD movie for $5.00 in the bargain bin.

User review rating: 4 October 11, 2018

At times your holding your breath, and other times the film suffers from low lighting and was Neil Armstrong really that dull in life. But times were different in the sixties and the intelligence and the brave astronauts who risked their lives to further the space program simply take your breath away. Edge of the seat sometimes. All over a good movie.

User review rating: 5 September 12, 2018


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