Where's the Beef: The Best '80s Commercials

Where's the Beef: The Best '80s Commercials Movie Poster
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Release Date: June 9, 2008 (limited)

An amazing journey down some of the goofiest parts of memory lane. You remember "Where's The Beef" and the Michael Jackson Pepsi commercials but maybe you've forgotten about Cookie Jarvis and that fast-talking Fed Ex guy. Or how about Bonkers? Don't you wish you could still get Bonkers? Even if you don't remember the '80s all that well, you'll be shocked at how these commercials, with their jingles and catchphrases have taken up long term residence in your cerebral cortex. You'll remember the first time you saw all these commercials and the way you wished the commercials would end so you could get back to THE SMURFS or SILVER SPOONS or MAGNUM P.I. Sure it was a cultural wasteland but it made most of us what we are today. Nearly an hour and a half of serious eighties flashback material. (Lars Nilsen)

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