Vision Portraits

Vision Portraits Movie Poster

VISION PORTRAITS is a deeply personal documentary by award-winning, gay filmmaker Rodney Evans (BROTHER TO BROTHER, THE HAPPY SAD) as he explores how his loss of vision may impact his creative future, and what it means to be a blind or visually impaired creative artist.

It's a celebration of the possibilities of art created by a Manhattan photographer (John Dugdale) who lost his vision during the height of the AIDS epidemic in the early 1990s, a resilient Bronx-based dancer (Kayla Hamilton), a Canadian writer & storyteller (Ryan Knighton) and the filmmaker himself, who each experience varying degrees of visual impairment.

Using archival material alongside new illuminating interviews and observational footage of the artists at work, Evans has created a tantalizing meditation on blindness and creativity, a sensual work that opens our minds to new possibilities.

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