The Silent Child

Libby (Maisie Sly), 4, is completely deaf. The youngest child in her family, she is unable to communicate with her siblings or parents, who are all hearing. Because of this, she becomes troubled and angry. As she's about to start school, Libby is assigned a social worker, Joanne (Rachel Shenton), who teaches her sign language.

As Libby learns to communicate with Joanne, she transforms from an angry child into a vibrant one, hungry for knowledge. However, Libby's skeptical parents are reluctant to be involved, and pose a potential block to Libby's education.

The movie won Best Live Action Short Film at the 2018 Academy Awards.
Director: Chris Overton
Studio: Slick Films
Producer(s): Daniel Ormerod, Rebecca Harris
Cast: Maisie Sly, Rachel Shenton
Writer(s): Rachel Shenton
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