The Repentant

The Repentant Movie Poster
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Release Date: May 10, 2013

1h 27m | Drama

Rachid, a young repentent Jihadist hiding in the mountains with his band, escapes and returns to his village in southern Algeria. Although welcomed with open arms by his family, several of his neighbors give him a hostile reception. One neighbour whose family was wiped out by the group of terrorists Rachid was with threatens to kill him. Rachid, who claims he’s never killed anyone, goes to live in Algiers, where he gets amnesty. A police officer finds him a job as a waiter, but in return, wants him to become an informer. Rashid meets a local pharmacist and his estranged wife, whose daughter was kidnapped and murdered by terrorists.

Director: Merzak Allouache
Studio: K-Films Amérique
Producer(s): Yacine Djadi
Cast: Adila Bendimerad, Khaled Benaissa, Nabil Asli
Writer(s): Merzak Allouache

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