Restless (2008)

Restless (2008) Movie Poster
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Release Date: November 28, 2008 (limited)

1h 40m | Drama

Some twenty-odd years ago, Moshe (Moshe Ivgy) got fed up with Israel, his wife, and his life in general. Especially with his wife, who stopped taking the pill and got pregnant. Since the restless Moshe couldn't see himself as a father, he left for New York and never looked back. Never answered his wife's letters. Never asked about his son Tzach (Ran Danker). Moshe never really made it in New York either, and now, after 21 years in the Big Apple, he peddles junk on the sidewalk and still can't pay his rent. All he has is his poetry, which he recites in a dingy Manhattan bar: biting, sarcastic, tender odes of love and hate to Israel and its people. Rays of light in his life are bartender Yolanda (Karen Young) and her young son, who give him warmth and affection.

Moshe's own son Tzach, an elite soldier in the Israeli army, now becomes restless himself, since he's forced to give up his military career. When he finds his father's address, he decides to get in touch with him. Years of pent-up anger and resentment are released when the young ex-soldier meets his bohemian dad. Moshe's world-weary, misanthropic view of life begins to crumble. Moshe and Tzach are now on a collision course with destiny—and with one another...

Director: Amos Kollek
Studio: Equinoxe Films
Producer(s): Michael Tapuah, Talia Kleinhendler
Cast: Moshe Ivgy, Ran Danker, Karen Young, Phyllis Somerville, Ethan Gould
Writer(s): Amos Kollek

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