'Neath the Arizona Skies

Nina (Shirley Jean Rickert), a young half-Native American girl whose mother has recently died, must find her white father in order to claim her hefty inheritance. Of course, a defenseless heiress seems like easy pickings to some of the Wild West's most dastardly thugs, including Sam Black (Yakima Canutt), who is soon on her trail.

But, thankfully, Nina has a noble guardian in cowboy Chris Morrell (John Wayne), who vows to get the girl safely to her estranged father.

Director: Harry Fraser
Producer(s): Paul Malvern
Cast: George "Gabby" Hayes, John Wayne, Sheila Terry, Yakima Canutt, Buffalo Bill Jr., Jack Rockwell, Phil Keefer, Earl Dwire, Artie Ortego, Shirley Rickert

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