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1h 49m | Comedy, Drama

In Peru, taxi driver Magallanes (Damián Alcázar) was once a subordinate to a feared military officer (Federico Luppi) in the bloodiest days of government repression during the Shining Path insurgency. The Colonel, now senile and frail, pays Magallanes to take him out on daily excursions.

One day an indigenous woman named Celina (Magaly Solier) gets into Magallanes' cab. He recognizes her. Many years earlier, she was kidnapped and held captive to be used as a sexual play thing for the Colonel. She doesn't recognize Magallanes.

Magallanes has an old photo of the Colonel with a naked, underage Celina and decides to use it to blackmail the Colonel's wealthy son (Christian Meier), to get money for Celina, who is struggling to support herself.

Director: Salvador del Solar
Producer(s): Amador del Solar, Salvador del Solar
Cast: Damián Alcázar, Magaly Solier, Federico Luppi, Christian Meier, Bruno Odar
Writer(s): Salvador del Solar

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