La garde

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Release Date: April 4, 2014

On DVD/VOD: July 8, 2014

1h 31m | Drama

Sam, a 15-year-old petty criminal, makes his mother Sandrine’s life difficult. His father Luke lost the right to see his son for five years and any attempts to reconnect with him have resulted in his arrest. Luke, ignoring the order of the Court, kidnaps his son and takes him to the woods for a hunting trip. Luke teaches Sam how to use his rifle.

In the cabin, past hurts come back to the surface and as the tension mounts, Sam commits an act that comes with heavy consequences.

Director: Sylvain Archambault
Studio: Les Films Séville
Producer(s): Lorraine Richard, Luc Martineau
Cast: Paul Doucet, Antoine L'Écuyer, Sandrine Bisson, Stéphane Breton
Writer(s): Ian Lauzon, Daniel Diaz, Ludovic Huot

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