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Release Date: January 25, 2013

On DVD/VOD: May 7, 2013

1h 51m | Drama

Cathy, 6, is taken by a social worker to a foster home in the countryside, where she slowly gets used to the strict rules imposed by her foster mother Réjeanne. Fortunately, her foster father, Reynald, is kind and gentle with the girl and patiently helps her break through her shell.tKayla, 12, is sent to a group home where she gets to know Morgane, a rebellious teenager who’s planning to run away. At about the same time, Manu is released from the system on the day she turns 18, but she finds it difficult to adjust to her solitary existence outside of the system. All four meet up at a reception honoring a foster family with whom they’ve all previously lived.

Director: Nathalie Saint-Pierre
Studio: Axia Films
Producer(s): Nathalie Saint-Pierre
Cast: Émilie Bierre, Joyce-Tamara Hall, Rosine Chouinard-Chauveau, Frédérique Paré, Isabelle Vincent, Roger La Rue
Writer(s): Nathalie Saint-Pierre

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