Birds of Paradise (Prime Video)

Kate Sanders (Diana Silvers) is an ambitious and gifted, if tomboyish, aspiring ballerina from Virginia who, because of her low-income status, is given a scholarship to attend a prestigious ballet school in Paris, France. Upon arriving at the cutthroat, internationally-renowned institution, her confidence and emotional fortitude are tested by a beautiful, mysterious fellow dancer, Marine Durand (Kristine Froseth), who recently lost her brother (and dance partner) to suicide.

Although their relationship is confrontational at first, it evolves into an emotionally-charged, competitive union beset by lies, sexual awakening and, ultimately, emotional breakthrough as they risk everything to win the school’s ultimate prize: a contract to join the Opéra national de Paris.

Director: Sarah Adina Smith
Studio: Amazon Studios
Producer(s): Dara Gordon, Jonako Donley, Sarah Adina Smith, Trevor Adley
Cast: Diana Silvers, Kristine Froseth, Caroline Goodall, Jacqueline Bisset
Writer(s): Sarah Adina Smith

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