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2h 8m | Action, Adventure

The volcano on Baekdu Mountain suddenly erupts, causing one of the biggest explosions in Korean history. Amid the chaos that follows, Jeon Yoo-Kyung plans an operation, which is based on a theory by Professor Kang Bong-Rae, to prevent the expected additional eruptions from destroying both South Korea and North Korea.

Director: Byung-seo Kim, Hae-jun Lee
Producer(s): Myung Kang
Cast: Lee Byung-hun, Jung-woo Ha, Dong-seok Ma, Hye Jin Jeon, Suzy Bae, Robert Curtis-Brown, Ja-Yeon Ok, Sin-cheol Kang, Kyeong-yeong Lee, Han-chul Jo
Writer(s): Byung-seo Kim,Tae-Yoon Kim,Jeong-deok Kwak,Hae-jun Lee,Joon-hyung Lim

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