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Release Date: August 10, 2010
Director: Greg MacGillivray
Producer: Greg MacGillivray
Studio: MacGillivray Freeman Films
Starring: Hamzah Jamjoom, Nimah Nawwab
Genre: Documentary

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Arabia Synopsis

With the full force of IMAX® cinematography, ARABIA will have you riding the dunes with a camel caravan, diving into the treasure-laden Red Sea, exploring the ruins of a towering lost city, hurtling back into the Islamic golden age of invention, and meeting the young Arabians transforming tomorrow's world.

You will also join in the extraordinary pilgrimage known as the Hajj, where each year 2-3 million Muslims arrive in the holy city of Makkah to reaffirm their faith, creating the largest single human gathering on Earth.

It is a land precious few outsiders will ever visit, a world cloaked in myth, mystery and misinformation. Frequently in the headlines yet rarely captured by cameras, it sparks endless curiosity. ARABIA is a surprising and illuminating journey that unveils an oft-hidden world full of discovery.

A powerful giant screen tour de force—and the first major film production to be granted access to more than 20 locations across Saudi Arabia—ARABIA offers a deeper understanding of this most fascinating culture and way of life.

The movie Arabia is currently not playing anywhere in Canada.