No One's Life Is Easy (So I Married An Anti-Fan)

No One's Life Is Easy (So I Married An Anti-Fan) Movie Poster
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Release Date: June 30, 2016 (limited)

2h 0m | Comedy, Romance

When a female reporter named Miaomiao Fang (Yuan Shan Shan) snaps a photo of Korean pop star Houzhun (Park Chanyeol) with a woman at a nightclub, she finds out more about his personal life than she bargained for. When she refuses to give the password to her phone that has the photo on it, Houzhun slams it the the ground, destroying it.

In an effort to protect his image, Women Sense, the magazine Miaomiao works for, fire her. In revenge, Miaomiao becomes his anti-fan and spares no effort in destroying Houzhun at all costs.

Director: Jae-Young Kim
Studio: China Lion Film Distribution Inc
Cast: Chan Yeol, Shanshan Yuan, Hyun Seo, Chanyeol Park

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