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Underworld: Blood Wars - Official Trailer 2

3,584 Views | 2:24 | Uploaded on Oct 07, 2016

In the second official trailer for Underworld: Blood Wars, war has been waged between Vampires and Lycans for centuries and now a new war has begun. The fight is personal for Selene (Kate Beckinsale) as she has lost all the ones she loved. This time the Lycans have a new leader and he wants the blood of Selene and her daughter. The vampires are also on the hunt for Selene as her blood will make them invincible. David (Theo James) asks his father Thomas (Charles Dance) to help her.

We see that Selene is told that if she wants to win the war, she has to go where no warrior has ever ventured before. This new test gives Selene extraordinary powers.



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