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17,155 Views | 2:22 | Uploaded on May 30, 2013

When a sinister underground movement threatens to overthrow the government, the Good Guys must call on the one crime fighter cool enough to infiltrate the enemy on the streets or between the sheets -- Undercover Brother (Griffin).

A low-rent private eye with a Seventies sense of style, Undercover Brother trades in his afro, shades and platforms for khakis, horn-rims and penny loafers to go undercover as preppy nerd Antoine Jackson at a multinational conglomerate. But while he and his sassy partner (Ellis) try to find out what's going on, the leader's ruthless right arm (Katan) discovers their deception and dispatches the conspiracy's sexy secret weapon (Richards) to eliminate the intruders.

Canadian Connection  Canadian Connection: Partly filmed in the Greater Toronto Area.


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