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The Wall - Official Trailer

10,063 Views | 2:23 | Uploaded on Dec 12, 2016

In the premiere trailer for the war drama The Wall, two covert American soldiers (John Cena and Aaron Taylor-Johnson) look upon a "hit-and-run" assassination of fellow soldiers in the scorching and dry desert. They have no idea who carried out such an efficient attack, but they believe the assailant has fled. One soldier decides to leave his post in the rocky terrain to investigate down below, while his partner keeps an eye out from above. However, he quickly realizes something isn't right, and is suddenly hit in the chest by a sniper. The other soldier immediately jumps down to aid his partner, but he is also hit. The two are forced to retreat behind a decrepit and decaying brick wall, where they must somehow protect themselves from the sniper's deadly gunfire.


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