The Final Year - Trailers

The Final Year - Trailer

489 Views | 2:22 | Uploaded on Jan 16, 2018

In the trailer for The Final Year, as we see the West Wing of the White House in 2016, we hear a voiceover by Ben Rhodes, Deputy National Security Advisor, in which he says the first thing he noticed when he walked in was how small it was. He reveals there are 30 people working there who set the direction for the entire U.S. government and essentially, the world. Next, we hear from Samantha Power, Ambassador for the United Nations, who says we should have a clock counting down because what they have set in motion is now at stake [with an election coming up]. We get more inside glimpses at President Barack Obama's administration in his final year throughout the trailer, including inside accounts from John Kerry and Susan Rice as they express their thoughts about the future of the country. 


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