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The Comedian - Official Trailer

7,767 Views | 2:35 | Uploaded on Jan 30, 2017

In the star-studded trailer for The Comedian, we're introduced to famed funny man Jackie (Robert De Niro) as he talks to his brother (Danny DeVito) and his brother's wife (Patti LuPone). At the end of their exchange, he says that he thought their daughter was a "dyke."


As the trailer continues, we see Jackie deliver a stand-up routine and punch a man who's caught filming the show. For his act of violence, he's ordered to perform 100 hours of community service. While putting in his hours, he meets Harmony (Leslie Mann), who has received the same sentence. Although starkly different in age, the pair strikes up a relationship that takes them to a comedy bar in New York, the wedding of Jackie's niece, and dinner with Harmony's father (Harvey Keitel). While their bond blossoms, Jackie's comedy career is revived.


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