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'The Bodybuilder and I' Trailer

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Every June, 59-year-old Bill Friedman waxes his body, strips down to the smallest bikini shorts imaginable, slathers himself with bronzing spray and then struts his way across a stage where he flexes his impressive muscles and gyrates before a crowd of hundreds. Bill is a competitive bodybuilder—a former world champ in the age 50 to 60 category. And now he’s determined to win his title back.

Documentary director Bryan Friedman is 26. Bill—Bryan's dad—hasn't been around since Bryan was a baby. Over the last two decades, the two have spent virtually no time together. Bryan's feelings are complicated – but mostly negative, with a deep dose of embarrassment over Bill's muscle-bound body and single-minded bodybuilding obsession.

Bryan chronicles his dad's attempt to make it back to the top. And somehow – between bench presses, tanning sessions, costume shopping and the occasional furtive cigarette – the two men are come to know, and maybe even sort of understand, each other.

  Canadian Connection: Partly filmed in Toronto and Montreal.


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