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Spinning Man - Trailer

6,849 Views | 2:10 | Uploaded on Feb 13, 2018

In the trailer for the crime thriller Spinning Man, we see a panicked young girl running through a forest. We hear a phone call in which a man asks for Detective Molloy (Pierce Brosnan), saying he'd like to report a crime. The scene switches as Dr. Evan Birch (Guy Pearce), a professor at a local college, wakes up in bed, startled. In another scene, when he comes after work, his daughter Zelda (Eliza Pryor) tells him there's a crazy person in the woods. His wife, Ellen (Minnie Driver), explains that a girl went missing up at the lake. Molloy shows up at the door to ask Evan some questions about the missing girl, Joyce Bonner (Odeya Rush), and it soon becomes clear that Evan has some explaining to do as several clues point to his involvement. 


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