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Spark: A Space Tail - Official Trailer

2,539 Views | 2:20 | Uploaded on Apr 26, 2017

In the official trailer for Spark: A Space Tail we open on Spark (Jace Norman) talking about how the evil overlord Emperor Zhong (A.C. Peterson) invaded his planet, Bana, and took the royal family. With his planet left in ruins and learning he is a member of the royal family, Spark embarks on a crusade with his friends to stop Zhong from causing further destruction. Though, it won’t be a fair fight as Zhong has Spark outnumbered and overpowered. But with a lot of hope and a banding together of the inhabitants of Bana, Spark puts up a fight to save his planet once and for all.

Spark: A Space Tail opens in select cities starting April 14, 2017.


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