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Sing - Official Trailer 2

6,256 Views | 3:57 | Uploaded on Jul 07, 2016

The trailer for Sing begins with Buster Moon the Koala (Matthew McConaughey) thinking up ways to save his theater. He tells his sheep friend he's going to start a singing competition, but the sheep responds with, "Who wants to see another one of those?" The trailer then cuts to clips of animals who have a passion for singing but lack support or confidence -- such as a stay-at-home mother pig, a gorilla whose father appears to be a criminal, and an elephant whose biggest fan is her grandpa.

They lack the opportunity to have their singing heard by the world, until Buster distributes his flyers everywhere. There are many humorous contestants, such as a flamboyant pig dancing and singing to Lady Gaga, and a rapping alligator. There is also a rocker porcupine, a snail with a bowtie, and even bunnies performing Nicki Minaj's Anaconda. Some of them have to struggle with getting their families to accept their passion.


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