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SHUT UP & SING Trailer

15,418 Views | 2:27 | Uploaded on May 30, 2013

A behind-the-scenes stage look at female country group Dixie Chicks during a dramatic period of their career. The group made headlines in March 2003 when lead singer Natalie Maines told a London audience, "We're embarrassed that the President is from Texas." What followed were radio boycotts, CD burnings and even a death threat.

The band is shown as they struggle to make it back on country radio and win back their fans, despite admonishments as entertainers for voicing their political beliefs. The Chicks refuse to back down from their original statement, even repeating it during the course of the film. They’re also seen in more private aspects of their lives, as they balance careers and motherhood, and two of them give birth.


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