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Rust and Bone Trailer

21,898 Views | 1:54 | Uploaded on May 26, 2013

Ali (Matthias Schoenaerts) and his son, Sam, move into his sister's house to avoid life on the streets. It isn't easy, but he finds a job working security to earn a bit of money. His first night on the job, he breaks up a fight, not knowing that one of the women involved would become a permanent part of his life.

The woman, Stephanie (Marion Cotillard), is a whale trainer who directs the magnificent animals to music and produces shows to entertain the park guests. In a horrific twist of events, a whale ends up on the platform during one of her shows, knocking Stephanie and most of her set into the water. When she wakes up in the hospital, she finds her legs have been amputated above the knee, and she must learn to live her life all over again.

This is where Ali comes back into the picture. The two become fast friends as Ali forces Stephanie to regain control of her life. Meanwhile, Ali finds his skill for fighting brings in more money than his job, so he begins to risk his life in Gypsy street fights. As their relationship progresses from platonic to romantic, Ali's life begins to change while his deep seeded anger boils over.


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