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Rings - Official Trailer

6,179 Views | 2:27 | Uploaded on Aug 24, 2016

In the official trailer for Rings, a disheveled young woman with a scrape on her face pants heavily in front of a television. As the screen suddenly lights up, she screams, "You're not real!" She lunges towards the power cords and pulls them from the wall, which brings the television down flat onto the ground. She repeats, "You're not real." But soon enough, the screen lights up again, the television shakes, a blood-like liquid seeps out from underneath it, and a gruesome hand creeps out from the top.

The trailer then shifts to introduce us to a man and woman. The man explains that he keeps thinking about a story involving a video. He says it "kills you seven days after you watch it." Cryptic footage is then flashed on screen from the video, including imagery of a girl climbing out of a dark well. The man continues: "The second it's over, the phone rings, and this voice says, 'seven days.'"
The remainder of the trailer plays out, counting the days from one to seven, as the chilling sequences roll on.


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